Inspiring Spaces - Photography Competition

Inspiring Spaces

Photography Competition

As part of the 2016 Festival of Architecture the EAA are running a photography competition to celebrate and share inspiring spaces within the EAA chapter area.

The competition asks for individuals to capture photographs of their favourite built spaces and submit them via Instagram using #EAAinspiringspaces. Those submitting photos must be following @EdinArchAssoc and @igersedinburgh, with whom the EAA are collaborating. Photographs may be taken using any device and photographs should be submitted with a short description providing the location and describing the quality or qualities of the space which the photographer has attempted to capture.

The aim of the competition is to encourage individuals to consider the built environment in which they live, work and socialise and determine their favourite spaces and then share these spaces on Instagram. There are many different qualities that make a space enjoyable e.g. grandeur, seclusion, light, movement etc. The photographs should attempt to describe the particular qualities of the space that the photographer enjoys. All photographs submitted can be viewed by searching for #EAAinspiringspaces on Instagram or follow ‘EdinArchAssoc’ on Instagram to see a selection of the best photographs submitted and the winning entries.

Each month between January and May 2016 the EAA will select four winning photographs. The competition will culminate in May 2016 with an exhibition of winning photographs to be held at the Scottish Story Telling Centre. At the opening of the exhibition a panel of special judges will award a small cash prize* for the most expressive and characterful photograph.

The exhibition will be one of a number of special events happening in Edinburgh during the month of May to celebrate the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland’s 2016 Festival of Architecture.

Competition Rules

1. Photographs must be taken of built spaces i.e. inside or outside a building or buildings.

2. Photographs must be submitted on Instagram using #EAAinspiringspaces.

3. Those submitting photographs must be following @EdinArchAssoc and @igersedinburgh on Instagram.

4. Photographs must be taken of built spaces within the EAA chapter area (City of Edinburgh, the Counties of West Lothian, Mid Lothian, East Lothian, Berwick, Roxburgh, Selkirk, Peebles, Clackmannan and Fife) and submitted with a short description providing the location and describing the quality or qualities of the space which the photographer has attempted to capture.

5. A small panel of EAA chapter representives will judge monthly entries and select 4 winning photographs each month.

6. Monthly winners will be announced on the EAA website and EAA social media sites. The winning photos will be re-posted on Instagram and twitter by the EAA (EdinArchAssoc) with an ‘EAA winners logo’ watermark.

7. Monthly winners will also be notified individually on Instagram via a comment by EAA (EdinArchAssoc) on the submitted photograph.

8. By submitting a photograph to the EAA Photo Competition you give permission to the EAA and RIAS to re-use the image free of charge in publicity material to promote or further the aims of the Festival of Architecture, and for exhibition purposes during the Festival of Architecture. Images will be appropriately credited.

9. To facilitate the highest quality printing of winning photographs the EAA will contact winning photographers to obtain original image files. The size of printed photographs may depend on the resolution of the original photograph. This will have no impact a photographs chances of winning.

10. All winning photographs will be checked with TinEye Image Identifier.

*Cash Prize - 1st prize £100, Runner up prize £50

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